The majestic Taj Mahal and me


My name is Ferran, and I was born and raised in Barcelona. My parents took me across Europe before I knew what a map was as a child, and I have been traveling ever since! They also gave me the name “Ferran”, which means “ready for the journey” in its original Germanic form, but I don’t think they knew that at the time.

I took my first trip alone when I was eighteen. After that, I started writing journals about my adventures, and ultimately decided to share them online.

I travel simple. That means I go with the flow, I pack light and spend little. I try to immerse myself in the local culture and people’s lives as organically and humanly as possible. I hope you see a reflection of this in the stuff I write. I am attracted to places with little to no tourism, where the local lifestyle has not been transformed yet to accommodate the dreams and expectations of travelers; but I won’t say no to popular spots and places that are popular for the right reasons, and big cities that offer never-ending urban adventure.

I travel because it is a source of rapture and frenzy. I get to dive into exotic communities, tongues, colors, lights, natural phenomena and beautiful aesthetics of all sorts in everyday elements. It is a never-ending flow of new ideas that keeps my mind in constant weight-lifting, and satisfies my very self to exhaustion.

Ultimately, I enjoy exploring the human spectrum, that is, getting to know humans from all walks of life, with all their unique variations and mindsets. At the end of the day, that means sitting down with people raised in different cultures and exchanging our own definitions of life.

How I travel

I don’t perceive “travel” as an isolated element in my life, I don’t think of it as a holiday in my timeline. Instead, a traveling mindset is for me always present in everything I do, whether I am moving or I am settled in one place.

At the same time, when I am traveling I wish to be aware of the whole picture. I know that I am exploring and describing the world from the point of view of a very privileged and very lucky white male brought up in Western Europe. I am trying to understand the world as I visit it, and I have been hit in the face with some wake-up calls here and there on things I simply took for granted. I am grateful for those.

​With that in my mind, I try to help out whenever I can. I have met amazing people on the road that have started or joined projects that are changing the world and have a very direct impact, and I try to support them economically as much as possible.

When traveling, one quickly realizes that there is still a lot of work to do towards empowering girls and women, providing energy to under-developed communities, and making emergency aid reach every refugee out there, just to name a few world issues. If you are not helping out already, I invite you to get involved! 🙂

Jungle in Boneo Island
Warm jungles in Borneo

“Then began a long apprenticeship, to become something certain in my own right, from which to see and be seen. Beyond that came the search for connections, freely offered and accepted, to confirm that the world and I, after all, were made of each other.
― Ted Simon, Jupiter’s Travels